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Success in Your Business Relies on Only ONE Thing

Chuck Blakeman, 06.07.16

Chuck has been consumed for years with the question, “What makes some people successful in business, while others struggle?” In the last couple months it has begun to come together as possibly just ONE thing, and only one thing.

If you know Chuck, you know he doesn’t believe in quick and easy fixes, silver bullets, or “three magic steps” – all of which sell false hope to those looking for the easy road.

But what if there truly is just one simple thing that we could all focus on everyday, that could ensure success? Is it possible? It just might be.

Over the years Chuck has identified key success attributes like Vision, Commitment to a Goal, Speed of Execution, Time in Market, Lifetime Goals, The Law of Intentionality, Conation and many others. But what if all of them are simply bits and pieces of The ONE Thing?

Possibly the subject of a future bestselling book, we want you to listen in on our highly interactive discussion of what could be The ONE Thing that will make people successful. Join our local audience as they brainstorm, work together, and test The ONE Thing so that you can put this simple and groundbreaking principle to work for you in your business.

How will your business be transformed by listening in? Come find out!

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