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How to Become a Participation Age Company

Chuck Blakeman with Komal Goyal, Cory Johnson, and Phil Kubat, 04.19.16

The Industrial Age is over, but its culture and business practices are still dominating the front office. These outdated management methods are being rejected by the most successful companies. The Industrial Age gave us a lot of great toys but some very bad business culture. Concepts like manager, employee, retirement, trading time for money, separating work and play, vacation time, office hours, an addiction to benefits, and other Industrial Age diseases still plague the business world.

There is no turning back. The Industrial Age is behind us and the Participation Age is fully upon us. People today want to Make Meaning, not just money.

Don’t be left behind. Come hear how IBM, Best Buy, Zappos and thousands of smaller, even local companies are radically changing the way they approach building their business culture to increase revenue with fewer employees, yet with higher staff retention.

This isn’t your father’s world. Stop leading your company like it is. Come learn:

• Why the traditional business culture won’t do going forward
• How and why to replace the concept of “employee” with “stakeholder”
• How to hire people you’ll never have to manage
• How and why you need to switch from a time-based culture to a results-based culture

Our Panel of Successful Business Owners includes:

Cory Johnson is Owner/Partner of Zenith Home Finishes, which offers interior/exterior painting services, garage storage solutions & epoxy floor coatings. Since 2009, Zenith has grown from being just two guys in a truck to being one of the largest residential paint and coatings companies in Denver.

Phil Kubat is the Division Manager for Berkshire Hathaway’s Commercial Real Estate Department in Denver. He has been a 3to5 Club member for two and half years and attributes a great deal of his success to the best practices within the group, like performing into his Highest and Best use of time as a Systems guy on his Apex Profile. Phil manages five commercial agents and an office manager, while hedge hogging in Franchise Development. The one thing Phil appreciates most about being an entrepreneur is the ability to lead Stakeholders and make an impact on their lives. Phil finds Significance by living into his Big Why – “Inspiring Transformation by Always Choosing Happiness.” His ideal Lifestyle consists of spending his free time biking, hiking, golfing, skiing and most importantly being a big kid with his 6 year old son.

Komal Goyal, Managing Partner and CEO of 6e Technologies is an accomplished technology leader and consultant with more than twenty years progressive experience in establishing and executing value driven global IT service strategy and delivery model. She has been able to truly help clients create and execute consolidation with the latest technologies, whether it is Cloud Computing or Automation. Helping the commercial and public sector clients with such tasks is her passion. Being a technologist herself she understands the clients’ pain points and even to this date gets involved at the detail level of delivery. She has a master’s degree in Computer Applications and numerous technology certifications and awards.

Listen in to Chuck and our panel of experts and find out how they have left behind Industrial Age culture and business practices to emerge as high-growth, vibrant companies in the New Economy. What will you and your business gain from being a part of such a transformational discussion? Come join us in the Participation Age!

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