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The Law of Intentionality

Chuck Blakeman, 03.01.16

There’s been a lot of Laws, Secrets, and Three Easy Steps running around the business world for years. Unfortunately most of them find their allure in telling you how much easier it will be to get what you want by just following their Three Easy Steps. It doesn’t work that way.

The keys to success ARE actually quite simple, but they are not easy.

If you want to run a successful business, you’ll do these five things associated with the Law of Intentionality, and we’ll see why “struggle” is so fundamental to building a successful business, and why we should see it much differently than we do.

Listen to the Business Leaders’ Insight Podcast and find out:

1) Why there are more quotes throughout history on “persistence” than any other subject.
2) Why the traditional business success advice you’ve gotten is likely so wrong.
3) How an old Indian proverb can be so right about business.
4) The five simple (but not easy) things you can do that will make you successful.

Be intentional and join us to get “utter clarity” on a few simple things.

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