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The Four Success Myths

Chuck Blakeman, 01.05.16

For our next Business Leaders Insight podcast, we expose the four success myths that get thrown around a lot at the beginning of each New Year:

1) New Year’s Resolutions Are A Good Idea – (they are a terrible idea – no exceptions; we’ll prove it)

2) Being Organized Should Be The Goal of Any Successful Person (Never! – We have the stats from studying 2,000 sales people to prove you shouldn’t focus on getting organized – there is some much more important to focus on, including why you need to know the 80/20-20/80 Rule)

3) Being Experienced In Your Industry Is the Road to Revenue (This one might surprise you, but being experienced in your industry could be the one thing that keeps you from being successful – we’ll give a dozen famous and local examples to prove it)

4) Be Prepared – The Boy Scout Always Wins (Be Prepared makes a great motto, but we have the research to show it’s not. Being experienced isn’t the key, nor is being well prepared (they’re two different things)

We’ll show you research that proves – Success doesn’t come from:
1) Making New Goals,
2) Being Organized,
3) Being Experienced, or
4) Being Prepared

It’s one simple thing… here’s a hint, it starts with a P.

Listen in on our BLI Podcast and fill in the rest of the word – it could change the trajectory of your life.

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