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A New Generation of Entrepreneurs

Kyle Matthews with Chad Moore and Amy McKnight, 01.19.16

We’ve got two great, young entrepreneurs at our next Business Leaders Insight Podcast you won’t want to miss. Listen in and get a shot in the arm and some great practical advice on how to push your own business forward!


Chad Moore: Sole Owner of EnvioCore LLC. He started 8 Months ago with an idea to change the environmental inspection realm. Chad has been part of the 3 to 5 community for almost 3 months and believes it came at the perfect time!

Amy McKnight: Owner and Mac Mentor at The MacSpa LLC. Amy co-founded The MacSpa in 2009, and is now the sole owner of this growing boutique business. The MacSpa provides a stress-free and creative approach to technology support “for you and your Mac.” Core services include individual and group training, maintenance plans and upgrades for your Mac, and business I.T. Amy’s path from the service industry to advertising design and print publications to Apple retail paved the way for a collaboration of passions that became The MacSpa.

This isn’t your father’s business climate. It’s a great time to be starting and building a business, and being young doesn’t have to be a liability. It can be a great asset. Many young people share the belief that becoming an entrepreneur gives them the freedom to transform their lives, communities and the world around them, and to make their dreams a reality. The best of them are doing it without some of the advantages that age or big money would give them. Instead they rely on passion and determination to get it done.

What’s their secret sauce? Are these people special, or are just thinking differently? What can you learn that will help push you forward in building your own business? Amy and Chad share their stories – how they’ve ignored being young or used it to their advantage to start and build businesses in their youth. Listen in and see how you can use age to your advantage!

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