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Proven Ways to Acquire and Retain More Customers

Chuck Blakeman with Peter Brissette, Jessica Fialkovich, and Brooke Hengst, 09.15.15

Everybody needs sales. It’s the first domino that starts all the other dominos in our business. But most of us didn’t go into business to do sales. So how do we acquire and retain more customers when we would really rather just be making the chairs, not selling them? We’ve got three great people to the rescue. At our Business Leader’s Insight Lunch, Chuck Blakeman interviewed our experts on how to create a steady stream of potential clients.

Our Panel of Successful Business Owners includes:
1. Peter Brissette is the owner of DMD Consulting, the home of the Review Me Marketing System which is tools and training that help local businesses receive more authentic, positive online reviews. More reviews means more web traffic and more sales. DMD Consulting also provides online lead generation for senior care communities and manufacturing companies with a focus on developing strategic relationships that bring a steady flow of new customers.

2. Brooke Hengst is the owner of the Live Colorado Team at Madison & Company properties. Brooke and her team are a residential real estate team and she has been in business since 2009. Brooke has always been a natural fit in large part to her involvement and service to the community. Her business has doubled multiple times, largely thanks to a system within her business that generates 90-95% referral based business every year. From the first time home buyer experience to the seller wanting top dollar in the market place, Brooke and her team have your real estate needs covered with ease and grace.

3. Jessica Fialkovich is the co-founder and President of Transworld Business Advisors of Denver, a full service business brokerage firm assisting visionary entrepreneurs to buy, sell, and grow their businesses. Transworld Denver was founded in 2013 and has quickly become the largest business brokerage firm in the state of Colorado. Jessica oversees a staff of 5 and is looking to add two additional team members by the end of the year. She has been involved in the 3to5 IMPACT group since 2013 and is just about 4 months away from hitting her BMD.

What will you and your business gain from being a part of such a transformational discussion? Let’s find out together!

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