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Scarcity Vs. Abundance: It’s Not Woo-Woo Crap

Chuck Blakeman, 08.04.15

If you want to make more money in less time, you need to listen in on this very practical lunch.

What is an “abundant-minded” company"? Isn’t that just squishy talk? Not at all. Living in a world of abundance isn’t a hippie concept. It’s for hard-core capitalists. Abundance isn’t “take whatever we have, it’s yours”, and scarcity isn’t necessarily “you can’t use that, it’s ours”.

There are three simple tests for business abundance vs. business scarcity. Chuck will share those three action principles, and give context and examples of both abundance-oriented and scarcity-oriented companies.

Abundant-minded companies make a lot more money than scarcity-minded companies. They also have a greater impact through their products and services, enjoy better relationships, higher Stakeholder retention, and Make Meaning, not just money. Scarcity -minded companies just make money, and most often they have no longevity because of it.

Want to make more money? Listen to this podcast and learn what it truly means to be abundant.

You either live in a world of abundance, or you live in a world of scarcity, and whichever one you choose, effects every decision you make. Come find out how to make more money by building an abundance-oriented business!

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