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Why Managing Your Business Costs You Time and Money

Chuck Blakeman with Alan Wyngarden and Lyric Turner, 07.21.15

Companies without managers are the present and future of work. In the emerging work world of the Participation Age, the most successful ones will do away with managers completely. That’s right – completely.

When you give people tasks, they feel used. But when you give them responsibility, they take ownership. Self-managed people take ownership.

When building self-managed teams in the emerging work world, there is no place for big egos. Leaders who want to make others successful and then get out of the way are building remarkable companies everywhere. Those who want to use people to make themselves look better will be left behind.

Join us for this insightful lunch and find out how some of our local business owners are embracing this type of organizational structure. They will share how they moved from management to the leadership mindset and why companies built around self-managed people grow faster, have higher profit, higher productivity, and exponentially higher staff retention.

Our Panel of Successful Business Owners includes:

Alan Wyngarden is a busy guy, but has the right people in place to help run his businesses. He has been in the mortgage business for the last 20+ years and continues to do mortgages everyday. Five years ago, Alan started Applewood Our House and now has three memory care group homes in the Denver area. Alan spends a large part of his time supporting his self-managed staff, actively engaged in contributing to the growth and well-being of their company.

Lyric Turner is the owner of Red House Staging & Interiors, a real estate staging and redesign company based in Washington, DC. Yes, Lyric successfully runs the company from here in Denver with a staff of 30 in DC and her Accounting Manager here in Colorado. She also owns a Retail Home Furnishings Store, Hudson & Crane and Suite Exclusive Inc. It is because of her leadership style and amazing self-managed teams that running all of these companies from afar is even possible.

Do you have self-managed staff actively engaged in contributing to the growth and well being of your company? What will you and your business gain from being a part of such a transformational discussion? Let’s find out together!

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