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Your Profit Wheel: The Key to Success

Chuck Blakeman, 06.02.15

Whether you are starting a new technology company, selling mortgages, financial planning, insurance or houses, providing a great service as a consultant, or selling the best widget, you probably believe that what you’re selling is the best thing since sliced bread. The problem is that most of the time, what you are selling is not what will actually be your key to success, or maybe even something you should be selling.

Too often, the thing that will be our core product or service is right under our nose and we’re ignoring it to “sell mortgages”, or “provide a great service”, or “design a great website”. During this Business Leaders Insight Lunch, Chuck shared a revolutionary new marketing concept called “The Profit Wheel”, a tool you can use to guide yourself to that specific way you will make money that others in your industry will never be able to find. If you think you “just sell insurance/mortgages”, etc., or believe you have the next best Facebook, The Profit Wheel might help you find out that what you’re selling is not the thing that actually moves your business forward. Don’t sell mortgages, internet apps, or shoes. Find out what is REALLY making you money.

This podcast takes a look at a couple case studies of local businesses in Denver and a couple others nationally that found that their Profit Wheel was very different from the product or service that was supposedly their core offering. Listen on to find your Profit Wheel! It’s almost certainly not what you think.

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