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The Dangers and Rewards of Stretching Yourself and Your Business

Chuck Blakeman, 05.05.15


Too many people are in business because they have a mortgage to pay, or a payroll to meet, or to escape the drudgery of the cube and working for the man. They went into business with great expectations but since then have forgotten that business was supposed to be fun.

There are a lot of ways to stretch ourselves in business; most of them are dangerous, a few depend on the situation, and a few are always good. Learning when and when not to stretch ourselves is an art, and is correlated strongly to our success. We see people stretch themselves right out of business and yet others seem to just keep expanding the business by stretching.

How do we know when to stretch and when to stay in our comfort zone?

Listen in and we’ll set you up with some tools like the Expanding Product Circle, the Profit Bucket, The Full Engagement Principle and others you can use for years to come that will help you stretch when you should and sit tight when it’s right.

There’s no exact science on when you should stretch yourself and your business, but the tools you’ll get from this Business Leader’s Insight Lunch will help you make the right “Stretch Decisions” for years to come.

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