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How a Hedgehog Will Make You More Money

Chuck Blakeman with Joe Axne, Gerald Barton, Jami Fasset, and Dr. Angela Tran; 05.19.15

Download this transformational Business Leaders Insight Lunch podcast with a panel of local business owners who have embraced their Hedgehogs (their “differentiating factor”) and as a result, now make MORE MONEY IS LESS TIME.

Our Panel of Successful Business Owners includes:
Joe Axne: Owner of IT-Guru, which is a Denver based IT Partner focusing on Veterinary Clinics and Hospital’s with at least two doctors or 3+ exam rooms. IT-Guru, started in 2004, provides a technology parachute for these clinics and hospitals where they can guarantee recovery from a failed server within 1 hour. This way the staff stays productive, the clinic can continue to see patients and perform the care needed for our furry friends!

Gerald Barton: has become known as the “go-to guy” for Real Estate Bookkeeping and Accounting. Over the past 20 years, Gerald has worked in several industries as a Financial Analyst, Market Analyst, and Business Analyst. Starting in 2007, Gerald decided to shift his attention away from the Corporate World and towards helping the small business owner. In March 2013, Gerald joined the Crankset community and quickly took the hedgehog concept to heart. In short order, his hedgehog became an obvious choice that brought his 2 passions in alignment: real estate and crunching numbers. By combining 20 years of Accounting/Financial experience with 7+ years of real estate experience, Gerald brings a unique perspective to his Real Estate clients. He has helped many Real Estate investors and Real Estate Agents get a handle on their numbers through useful, easy-to-understand financial tools.

Dr. Angela Tran: Owner of Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Stapleton, a clinic with a medically-supervised diet, fitness, and a doctor all under one roof. Now double Board-Certified in Internal medicine and Obesity medicine, Dr. Tran helps “on the go” professionals lose over 50 lbs with her custom step by step method without surgery. She initially worked for Kaiser Permanente as a primary care physician, and after 5 years of practicing, work became more about paperwork and writing prescriptions and less about helping people. In 2012, she left the security of a “job” and started her own practice that concentrates on 100% weight management. Now instead of diagnosing diabetes, high blood pressure, etc, she’s taking everyone off their meds and is practicing the best medicine of her life. Dr. Tran is now taking her hedgehog concept by storm and has a mission to help others finally take control of their weight and ultimately their health.

Jami Fassett: Owner of Up and Up Creative, a creative agency specializing in helping nonprofits use the power of branding to connect with more people, raise more money and do more good.

Do you have a Hedgehog that separates you from others in your industry? Are you going narrow, not wide? Need more Clarity on that?

Listen in on Chuck and our panel of experts, who will show you why getting specific about what you do, going narrow and deep, is the road to success.

Listen and find out exactly how to:
• Get a face on your business
• Get a voice for your business
• Get ahead!

What will you and your business gain?

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