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Get Out and Stay Out of Your Comfort Zone

Chuck Blakeman with panelists Peter Svenneby, Trevor Fink, and Brad Nicol, 3.17.15

Do you live a stressed-out life, always reacting to what others want you to do? Or are you living a stretched-out life, reacting quickly when it fits your goals? Join us for this transformational event and find out why those “uncomfortable moments” that we are so fearful of, help us and our businesses grow. Actually, these moments are crucial in helping your company become and stay successful.

Our Panel of Successful Business Owners includes:

Peter Svenneby: is Managing Partner of Syntuity. Syntuity helps companies fix their sales problems, and they offer a membership-based program very similar to 3to5 Club, designed for salespeople and business owners who sell.

Trevor Fink: is a third generation (white collar) construction professional with a construction management degree from Colorado State University. He recently resigned from his 13-year corporate “tour of duty” to take on his new business and passion of real estate investing, thanks to 3to5 Club and support from friends and family. Trevor and his beautiful wife Jenifer, started their company, Gemini Property Investments in April of 2012, to try something new and more importantly give them time to raise their beautiful twin girls. Nearly three years into their new adventure, with a lot of blood sweat and tears, they have both jumped off the treadmill and are just beginning their newfound “WHY” in life.

Brad Nicol: is a graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California and started his commercial and architectural photography business in 2008. In 2011 he and his wife moved to Denver, Colorado where he later joined FasTrak and the 3to5 Originals Club. With the support of his Club and his family, he has successfully turned Brad Nicol Photography into a thriving business. Brad is a firm believer of making his own business rules and continues to hone his craft while he enjoys his passions of fishing, hiking and hanging out with his wife Angelina and three labs Bella, Kaia and Finn.

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