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Seven Signs Your Marketing Strategy is Broken and How to Fix It

Chuck Blakeman, 2/3/15

You’re spending money on ads, brochures, websites, SEO, trade shows, networking, banners, email/direct mail. And it has worked so badly, you’ll just keep doing it, right? The traditional marketing that most bigger companies use doesn’t work for most of us. And all the books we read teach us to do what they do.

What really works for small businesses? How can you be sure?

Come to the Business Leader’s Insight Lunch and learn why “Top of the Bucket” marketing is the most common, and least effective, and how to create an extremely effective “Bottom of the Bucket” marketing strategy that will bring you a steady stream of potential clients, and consistent growth. You’ll also see how that strategy will even make you bullet-proof when recessions ravage other companies.

What will you and your business gain from being a part of such a transformational discussion? Let’s find out together!

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