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Pricing for Profit

Chuck Blakeman, 12.01.15

Join us and find out why your price is probably wrong right now and how to fix it, even if you’re not in charge of the price itself.

• How did Fog Creek Software go from charging $39.95 a month to $99 to $129, to $199 in just two years, for the same product?
• Why do you need a different pricing strategy for consumers than you do for businesses?
• How do you separate consumers and business buyers if you sell to both?
• Do you know the 10 most common pricing mistakes reported by Vistage International?
• Why do we find price so mystical and difficult to set? Is some bureaucracy in charge of your price? You’re more in charge of it than you think.
• Why you should never respond to the market in setting your price.

Listen to the Business Leaders Insight Podcast and learn why your price isn’t just about revenue. It affects everything from your brand to who you attract as customers. Let’s get it right!

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