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The Art of Forming Strategic Alliances

Chuck Blakeman with Meghann Conter, John Geringer, and Kyle Matthews, 11.17.15

We’ve got three great, driven business owners for our Business Leader’s Insight Podcast you won’t want to miss. Join us as Chuck Blakeman interviews our panel of experts on how to develop the most rewarding Lumberjack relationships.

lum·ber·jack (noun)
Someone who you have an alliance with. They may never buy a thing from you, but will bring you clients (referrals) for years to come. They are going to the forest for us and bringing us matured relationships ready to buy from us.

Most local businesses can build their business on the backs of 5-15 Lumberjacks/strategic alliances. Note: Successful business owners never go to networking events. It’s because they have built a small group of Lumberjacks who go to the forest for them so they don’t have to.

So, how should we go about forming strategic alliances with other business owners? To some people it just comes naturally, but for those who aren’t “naturals”, how do we become great at connecting others and learn how to develop effective Lumberjack relationships ourselves?

Our panelists will help us to gain valuable insight on what it takes to:

- figure out WHO your ideal Lumberjacks are/could be
- find and get connected to the right ones
- align with and activate your Lumberjacks
- identify your leading indicator, thus being very strategic about forming the right relationships

Our Panel of Successful Business Owners include:

Meghann Conter is fondly known as the Mistress of Marketing™ (since 2007) and has been part of 3to5 Club for about three years now. She empowers female industry leaders and their teams who are struggling to see real marketing ROI and are frustrated trying to figure it out on their own. She helps them maximize revenue and propel their business to the million-dollar revenue mark and beyond. When Meghann isn’t helping her clients expand their marketing super powers, you’ll probably find her climbing 14ers, throwing truck tires around at a gym, traveling the world, or hanging out with friends and family on a local patio.

John Geringer is Executive Vice President – Client Advocacy with CEDRUS. He has been a member of the Crankset community since December 2011. John loves to push people forward and help them get where they want to go. He specializes in helping proven Entrepreneurs & Doctors who are specialist make smart choices about their money and intentionally have impact in the areas of their life that are more important than money. John was born with the gift of coaching, entrepreneurism and the ability to get people where they want to go. John coaches people in life, money, business development, business strategy, accountability, being a trusted advisor and basketball.

Kyle Matthews is Chief Connecting Officer with Crankset Group, a Denver-based Participation Age company committed to helping small business owners build a mature business in three to five years. Kyle is an entrepreneur, starting his own business at age 15. He is the prime example of how using the Lumberjack Sales System makes selling (serving), fun! Kyle’s specialty is making key connections with other business owners engaged in relationship-building and long-term thinking.

What will you and your business gain from being a part of such a transformational discussion? Let’s find out!

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