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Finding Success with a Business Maturity Date

Chuck Blakeman with Shaleen Shah, Molly Ebert, and Jarrod Musick, 10.20.15

We’ve got three great, driven business owners from our next Business Leaders Insight Lunch you won’t want to miss.

Join us as Chuck Blakeman interviews three local Business Owners who have recently reached their Business Maturity Dates (BMDs). They will help us to gain valuable insight on what it takes to realize a mature business. They will share their challenges and victories during their journey of creating a business that produces both TIME and MONEY for them.

Our Panel of Successful Business Owners include:

Shaleen Shah is Co-Founder and CEO of SimplePay – a revolutionary dental treatment finance company that approves everyone without credit checks and charges no interest. They serve over 700 dentists and their patients nation-wide. Recently following his passion to create a more compassionate world for farm animals, he has cofounded a 23-acre animal sanctuary in Lafayette, CO.

Molly Ebert is the Founder and CEO of Social Roadmap – socially conscious, social media for be good, do good, live good companies. Social Roadmap is committed to assisting companies live out their values and achieve their goals with greater effectiveness via social media.

As Vice President of Destiny Capital, Jarrod Musick is a personal finance expert who works with individuals and business owners to help them increase their level of financial and personal freedom. Over the past 5 years Jarrod has moved Destiny Capital and its now 12 staff members into a fantastic position where they can continue to expand their impact for both their clients as well as the financial advisory community in general through integrity, patience and collaboration.

Help us to celebrate their journeys towards their Business Maturity Dates and find out what’s next for them. What will you and your business gain from being a part of such a transformational discussion? Let’s find out!

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