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3 Huge Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs Make That Cripple Steady Revenue Growth

Chuck Blakemen 8-26-2014

(Hint: They Aren’t What You Expect)

If you are ready to lead your business to abundance and significance, join us as Chuck Blakeman, Chief Transformation Officer with Crankset Group interviews Tommi Wolfe, entrepreneurial mentor and coach.

Tommi Wolfe: The Startup Expert, guides entrepreneurs to build their dream businesses, fill them with clients and create deep six figures fast, even when they have tried everything before and failed. Clients hire her for her business smarts, trust her for her heart, and create six-figure businesses when they take inspired action.
Take part in this life-changing discussion and learn:
· The mindset that stops business revenues from climbing
· 6 powerful new shifts to create abundance and freedom in your business and personal life
· The #1 technique that you MUST implement in your business to master a reliable, repeatable client attraction process
· A plan to get off the treadmill of crazy, hard work with disappointing results, and onto the road to financial and personal freedom, and work that leaves a legacy
· 2 game-changing business templates
It is a huge disservice to yourself and your business to keep struggling. Get the tools and techniques you need to finally create consistent double- digit revenue growth each year.
What will you and your business gain from being a part of such a transformational discussion? Let’s find out together!

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