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We Give You Permission to Say, “I Don’t Know”

Julia Gentry 8/12/2014

We are all recovering rugged individualists

Stop being a hostage to your business! We can’t possibly know EVERYTHING there is to know about owning and growing a successful business. Do you have it all figured out?

We believe the Rugged Individualist is a bad Industrial Age idea. Business owners should live in Committed Community, and those that do make more money in less time and are more successful.

Julia Gentry, one of Crankset Group’s stellar facilitators, will lead this interactive discussion and encourages all who attend to bring one bottleneck: An “I don’t know” issue with their business, with the goal of walking away with clarity on that one thing. A bottleneck is just something that is standing in your way of growing a Mature Business. It isn’t necessarily a problem, it can be a challenge, opportunity or issue that you are stuck on or want outside eyes for ideas. This advice from other business owners is invaluable and can leave you with that “aha moment” that totally changes the way you do business.

Examples might be:
• Is my mission statement strong/clear enough?
• Is my hedgehog/niche specific enough?
• How do I “activate” my Lumberjacks?
• Who do I hire first- sales or admin?
• What number should I be tracking?
• How can I delegate better?
• Where are my Gold Veins?

Everyone would benefit from being in a Committed Community of business owners where they have the safety to say three magic words, “I don’t know.” If you want your business to grow quickly, put aside the rugged individualist and accelerate the growth of your business by meeting with others who also don’t know everything. We’re much more likely to be successful, and more quickly, if we get regular input and ideas from others.

How will your business be transformed by attending? Come find out!

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