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The Business Success Train

Chuck Blakeman 7-8-14

The Business Success Train

Don’t let this train leave the station…All Aboard!

If you were trying to get an old steam engine going to move the train, would you put the coal in the caboose or in the engine’s firebox? Does it make any sense at all to put the coal in the caboose? It’s not the way a train works and it’s not how business works, yet in business we put our coal in the caboose all the time, and what a surprise, all it does is weigh us down.

We have limited time, money and energy, and the last thing we can afford is to focus any of it on the wrong thing. But there are so many options, it’s easy to do. As with all profound things, it’s a simple idea. Come to the Business Leader’s Insight Lunch and leave with a simple tool – The Business Success Train – that will give you the visual illustration you need to avoid wasting your precious resources.

How will your business be transformed by attending? Come find out!

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