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Are You Playing The Business Owner’s Game, Or Just Producing Income?

Chuck Blakeman 07-22-14

Are You Playing The Business Owner’s Game, Or Just Producing Income?

Don’t stay stuck in survival mode. See how two questions gave two owners more time and money.

Why don’t we get off the treadmill? Because we’re asking the wrong questions.
When we do things, we are usually asking the obvious – “How do I do this?” But instead of asking “How do I do this?”, there are two other much more important, yet very simple questions to ask that will lead to getting off the treadmill – Freedom.

You need to be playing the Business Owner’s Game. If you just ask these two questions of yourself on a regular basis, you are much more likely to build a business that makes money while you’re on vacation. You don’t necessarily even need to hire someone to take things off your plate. Come discover other tools for building a great business.

Join us as our panel of experts discuss how they can help you fill in the gaps in your business and assist with the things that are way beneath your pay grade. They can save you not only time, but money as well.

Colin Thomas is a co-founder and visionary of Team 80, a firm that empowers entrepreneurs to focus on their passion and outsource the rest. He is an efficiency and ‘highest and best’ expert and always looks to leverage cloud-based technology to systematize the non-revenue generating side of growing businesses.

Patrick Johnson is the co-owner of Investment HR, Inc. Their team of professionals provides Talent Acquisition Services, HR Outsourcing and HR Vendor Relations to the small business community. Investment HR was founded in 2007, but truly launched operations in 2010. Patrick has been involved with The Crankset Group since its creation, and started his company with many of the Crankset principles already in place.

Come learn:
• How to play the Business Owner’s game and become a Business Owner, not a job owner. Figure out how to cover for the things you don’t naturally want to do.

• How to discover “the highest and best” use of everyone’s time, not just yours (Yield Per Hour: YPH)

• How to use Freedom Mapping to help you do things for the last time and as a result, gets you off the treadmill.

We call this a trapeze moment – the only way to get to the next trapeze is to let go of the one you have a death grip on. There are many trapeze moments in business, but figuring out how to play the Business Owner’s Game is a big one.

No biggie – it’s just your freedom and your life that are at stake.

What will you and your business gain from taking part in this informative and transformational lunch? Join us and find out!

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