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The Holiday Advantage – Getting Ahead When the Rest are Resting

Chuck Blakemen 11-4-2014

If you’re not in retail, the assumption is that December is a black hole for growing our businesses. We might as well just relax and make peace with it, right? That couldn’t be more wrong.
Almost everyone claims their business falls off during the holidays. Society has taught us to check out during that time. But we can actually have more opportunities at that time than others.
Come to the Business Leader’s Insight lunch and learn:
• Why more people will meet with you in December than you think, and how to make that happen.
• 6 ways to exponentially grow your business during the holidays
• 15 great holiday-related ideas for connecting with your clients and potential clients

December is either a black hole for business or a tremendous opportunity to move it forward. You get to choose. The 6 ways and 15 ideas will be valuable to you either way, even if you decide you want to make a push in January instead of December. So join us and be prepared to make the most of the holidays!

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