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Success in Your Business Relies on Only ONE Thing

Chuck Blakeman, 06.07.16

Chuck has been consumed for years with the question, “What makes some people successful in business, while others struggle?” In the last couple months it has begun to come together as possibly just ONE thing, and only one thing.

If you know Chuck, you know he doesn’t believe in quick and easy fixes, silver bullets, or “three magic steps” – all of which sell false hope to those looking for the easy road.

But what if there truly is just one simple thing that we could all focus on everyday, that could ensure success? Is it possible? It just might be.

Over the years Chuck has identified key success attributes like Vision, Commitment to a Goal, Speed of Execution, Time in Market, Lifetime Goals, The Law of Intentionality, Conation and many others. But what if all of them are simply bits and pieces of The ONE Thing?

Possibly the subject of a future bestselling book, we want you to listen in on our highly interactive discussion of what could be The ONE Thing that will make people successful. Join our local audience as they brainstorm, work together, and test The ONE Thing so that you can put this simple and groundbreaking principle to work for you in your business.

How will your business be transformed by listening in? Come find out!

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How to Become a Participation Age Company

Chuck Blakeman with Komal Goyal, Cory Johnson, and Phil Kubat, 04.19.16

The Industrial Age is over, but its culture and business practices are still dominating the front office. These outdated management methods are being rejected by the most successful companies. The Industrial Age gave us a lot of great toys but some very bad business culture. Concepts like manager, employee, retirement, trading time for money, separating work and play, vacation time, office hours, an addiction to benefits, and other Industrial Age diseases still plague the business world.

There is no turning back. The Industrial Age is behind us and the Participation Age is fully upon us. People today want to Make Meaning, not just money.

Don’t be left behind. Come hear how IBM, Best Buy, Zappos and thousands of smaller, even local companies are radically changing the way they approach building their business culture to increase revenue with fewer employees, yet with higher staff retention.

This isn’t your father’s world. Stop leading your company like it is. Come learn:

• Why the traditional business culture won’t do going forward
• How and why to replace the concept of “employee” with “stakeholder”
• How to hire people you’ll never have to manage
• How and why you need to switch from a time-based culture to a results-based culture

Our Panel of Successful Business Owners includes:

Cory Johnson is Owner/Partner of Zenith Home Finishes, which offers interior/exterior painting services, garage storage solutions & epoxy floor coatings. Since 2009, Zenith has grown from being just two guys in a truck to being one of the largest residential paint and coatings companies in Denver.

Phil Kubat is the Division Manager for Berkshire Hathaway’s Commercial Real Estate Department in Denver. He has been a 3to5 Club member for two and half years and attributes a great deal of his success to the best practices within the group, like performing into his Highest and Best use of time as a Systems guy on his Apex Profile. Phil manages five commercial agents and an office manager, while hedge hogging in Franchise Development. The one thing Phil appreciates most about being an entrepreneur is the ability to lead Stakeholders and make an impact on their lives. Phil finds Significance by living into his Big Why – “Inspiring Transformation by Always Choosing Happiness.” His ideal Lifestyle consists of spending his free time biking, hiking, golfing, skiing and most importantly being a big kid with his 6 year old son.

Komal Goyal, Managing Partner and CEO of 6e Technologies is an accomplished technology leader and consultant with more than twenty years progressive experience in establishing and executing value driven global IT service strategy and delivery model. She has been able to truly help clients create and execute consolidation with the latest technologies, whether it is Cloud Computing or Automation. Helping the commercial and public sector clients with such tasks is her passion. Being a technologist herself she understands the clients’ pain points and even to this date gets involved at the detail level of delivery. She has a master’s degree in Computer Applications and numerous technology certifications and awards.

Listen in to Chuck and our panel of experts and find out how they have left behind Industrial Age culture and business practices to emerge as high-growth, vibrant companies in the New Economy. What will you and your business gain from being a part of such a transformational discussion? Come join us in the Participation Age!

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Why You MUST Take Time Away from Your Business

Chuck Blakeman, 04.05.16

Research shows that most business owners don’t take time away from their business and the irony is that they are actually hurting their company by working in the trenches day in and day out.

If you aren’t taking the necessary time off from your business, you are actually an Income Producer and not an “owner” at all. In this case, your business actually owns you!

Listen in on the Business Leaders’ Insight Podcast and find out:

1) How to build a “Mature Business” that makes money while you’re on vacation
2) The importance of the 50% Rule and how it will change the way you schedule your time
3) Why taking a vacation is critical to you and your team
4) How to play the Business Owner’s Game

What will you and your business gain from being a part of such a transformational discussion? Let’s find out!

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Proof that an Ordinary Person Can Build an Amazing Business

Chuck Blakeman with Jennifer Hanzlick, 03.15.16

This is a VERY special BLI Podcast that you won’t want to miss. Join us as Chuck Blakeman, Chief Transformation Officer with Crankset Group, interviews Jennifer Hanzlick, a very special business owner and friend in our 3to5 Club Community. Jennifer will share her amazing business journey with us.

After being laid off from an 11-year career in financial services, Jennifer combined her professional work ethic and personal industry experience to start Clutter Trucker – a hoarding clean out business. It all began with the purchase of a dump truck and her mom’s help to load the truck. It has grown into a thriving business with 18 employees, 4 trucks and a warehouse. She also started an Extreme Cleaning division to compliment the original junk removal business.

Come learn:
• How to experience true FREEDOM in life and business
• The simple things Jennifer did to build her successful business, even with no experience as a business owner
• How to build a dream team of people to run your business when you’re not around
• Ways for you to get off the treadmill like Jennifer did
• How to take the first steps in starting a business from scratch
• How to resurrect a business you thought was dead
• That anyone can build a successful business

Jennifer Hanzlick is known as Colorado’s hoarding expert. It is her personal mission to bring awareness and educate the public on the topic of hoarding. She started the Colorado Hoarding Task Force in an effort to provide support and interagency coordination in difficult hoarding cases. She now presents and speaks to larger audiences to share the lessons learned from growing her business over the past 8 years.

Jennifer’s story promises to be both inspirational and enlightening, because you’re going to see that she is normal, and got where she is by following some simple rules of business. You will no doubt leave with suggestions for your own business that will get you that much closer to living YOUR Ideal Lifestyle.

The formula to building a successful business isn’t that hard, but we just have to apply it… Know where you’re going, when you want to be there, how you’ll get there, and what you need to do today to get the end result.

What will you and your business gain from being a part of such a transformational discussion? Let’s find out!

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The Law of Intentionality

Chuck Blakeman, 03.01.16

There’s been a lot of Laws, Secrets, and Three Easy Steps running around the business world for years. Unfortunately most of them find their allure in telling you how much easier it will be to get what you want by just following their Three Easy Steps. It doesn’t work that way.

The keys to success ARE actually quite simple, but they are not easy.

If you want to run a successful business, you’ll do these five things associated with the Law of Intentionality, and we’ll see why “struggle” is so fundamental to building a successful business, and why we should see it much differently than we do.

Listen to the Business Leaders’ Insight Podcast and find out:

1) Why there are more quotes throughout history on “persistence” than any other subject.
2) Why the traditional business success advice you’ve gotten is likely so wrong.
3) How an old Indian proverb can be so right about business.
4) The five simple (but not easy) things you can do that will make you successful.

Be intentional and join us to get “utter clarity” on a few simple things.

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A New Generation of Entrepreneurs

Kyle Matthews with Chad Moore and Amy McKnight, 01.19.16

We’ve got two great, young entrepreneurs at our next Business Leaders Insight Podcast you won’t want to miss. Listen in and get a shot in the arm and some great practical advice on how to push your own business forward!


Chad Moore: Sole Owner of EnvioCore LLC. He started 8 Months ago with an idea to change the environmental inspection realm. Chad has been part of the 3 to 5 community for almost 3 months and believes it came at the perfect time!

Amy McKnight: Owner and Mac Mentor at The MacSpa LLC. Amy co-founded The MacSpa in 2009, and is now the sole owner of this growing boutique business. The MacSpa provides a stress-free and creative approach to technology support “for you and your Mac.” Core services include individual and group training, maintenance plans and upgrades for your Mac, and business I.T. Amy’s path from the service industry to advertising design and print publications to Apple retail paved the way for a collaboration of passions that became The MacSpa.

This isn’t your father’s business climate. It’s a great time to be starting and building a business, and being young doesn’t have to be a liability. It can be a great asset. Many young people share the belief that becoming an entrepreneur gives them the freedom to transform their lives, communities and the world around them, and to make their dreams a reality. The best of them are doing it without some of the advantages that age or big money would give them. Instead they rely on passion and determination to get it done.

What’s their secret sauce? Are these people special, or are just thinking differently? What can you learn that will help push you forward in building your own business? Amy and Chad share their stories – how they’ve ignored being young or used it to their advantage to start and build businesses in their youth. Listen in and see how you can use age to your advantage!

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The Four Success Myths

Chuck Blakeman, 01.05.16

For our next Business Leaders Insight podcast, we expose the four success myths that get thrown around a lot at the beginning of each New Year:

1) New Year’s Resolutions Are A Good Idea – (they are a terrible idea – no exceptions; we’ll prove it)

2) Being Organized Should Be The Goal of Any Successful Person (Never! – We have the stats from studying 2,000 sales people to prove you shouldn’t focus on getting organized – there is some much more important to focus on, including why you need to know the 80/20-20/80 Rule)

3) Being Experienced In Your Industry Is the Road to Revenue (This one might surprise you, but being experienced in your industry could be the one thing that keeps you from being successful – we’ll give a dozen famous and local examples to prove it)

4) Be Prepared – The Boy Scout Always Wins (Be Prepared makes a great motto, but we have the research to show it’s not. Being experienced isn’t the key, nor is being well prepared (they’re two different things)

We’ll show you research that proves – Success doesn’t come from:
1) Making New Goals,
2) Being Organized,
3) Being Experienced, or
4) Being Prepared

It’s one simple thing… here’s a hint, it starts with a P.

Listen in on our BLI Podcast and fill in the rest of the word – it could change the trajectory of your life.

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Pricing for Profit

Chuck Blakeman, 12.01.15

Join us and find out why your price is probably wrong right now and how to fix it, even if you’re not in charge of the price itself.

• How did Fog Creek Software go from charging $39.95 a month to $99 to $129, to $199 in just two years, for the same product?
• Why do you need a different pricing strategy for consumers than you do for businesses?
• How do you separate consumers and business buyers if you sell to both?
• Do you know the 10 most common pricing mistakes reported by Vistage International?
• Why do we find price so mystical and difficult to set? Is some bureaucracy in charge of your price? You’re more in charge of it than you think.
• Why you should never respond to the market in setting your price.

Listen to the Business Leaders Insight Podcast and learn why your price isn’t just about revenue. It affects everything from your brand to who you attract as customers. Let’s get it right!

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The Art of Forming Strategic Alliances

Chuck Blakeman with Meghann Conter, John Geringer, and Kyle Matthews, 11.17.15

We’ve got three great, driven business owners for our Business Leader’s Insight Podcast you won’t want to miss. Join us as Chuck Blakeman interviews our panel of experts on how to develop the most rewarding Lumberjack relationships.

lum·ber·jack (noun)
Someone who you have an alliance with. They may never buy a thing from you, but will bring you clients (referrals) for years to come. They are going to the forest for us and bringing us matured relationships ready to buy from us.

Most local businesses can build their business on the backs of 5-15 Lumberjacks/strategic alliances. Note: Successful business owners never go to networking events. It’s because they have built a small group of Lumberjacks who go to the forest for them so they don’t have to.

So, how should we go about forming strategic alliances with other business owners? To some people it just comes naturally, but for those who aren’t “naturals”, how do we become great at connecting others and learn how to develop effective Lumberjack relationships ourselves?

Our panelists will help us to gain valuable insight on what it takes to:

- figure out WHO your ideal Lumberjacks are/could be
- find and get connected to the right ones
- align with and activate your Lumberjacks
- identify your leading indicator, thus being very strategic about forming the right relationships

Our Panel of Successful Business Owners include:

Meghann Conter is fondly known as the Mistress of Marketing™ (since 2007) and has been part of 3to5 Club for about three years now. She empowers female industry leaders and their teams who are struggling to see real marketing ROI and are frustrated trying to figure it out on their own. She helps them maximize revenue and propel their business to the million-dollar revenue mark and beyond. When Meghann isn’t helping her clients expand their marketing super powers, you’ll probably find her climbing 14ers, throwing truck tires around at a gym, traveling the world, or hanging out with friends and family on a local patio.

John Geringer is Executive Vice President – Client Advocacy with CEDRUS. He has been a member of the Crankset community since December 2011. John loves to push people forward and help them get where they want to go. He specializes in helping proven Entrepreneurs & Doctors who are specialist make smart choices about their money and intentionally have impact in the areas of their life that are more important than money. John was born with the gift of coaching, entrepreneurism and the ability to get people where they want to go. John coaches people in life, money, business development, business strategy, accountability, being a trusted advisor and basketball.

Kyle Matthews is Chief Connecting Officer with Crankset Group, a Denver-based Participation Age company committed to helping small business owners build a mature business in three to five years. Kyle is an entrepreneur, starting his own business at age 15. He is the prime example of how using the Lumberjack Sales System makes selling (serving), fun! Kyle’s specialty is making key connections with other business owners engaged in relationship-building and long-term thinking.

What will you and your business gain from being a part of such a transformational discussion? Let’s find out!

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Become the Company of Choice

Chuck Blakeman, 11.02.15

There are so many people out there doing what you do – how do you get people to drive by four others or skip to you in their email address book as their default choice? First you have to be credible, then you have to motivate them to buy only from you, then you have to educate them as to how they will continue to benefit from what you sell and the relationships you build.

Credibility, motivation, education – the three pillars of becoming a company of choice. Learn how to focus on credibility and why it is so important to becoming the company of choice. There are a few simple steps to gaining credibility – listen to our Business Leaders Insight Podcast and become the company of choice!

What will you and your business gain from being a part of such a transformational discussion? Let’s find out together!

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Finding Success with a Business Maturity Date

Chuck Blakeman with Shaleen Shah, Molly Ebert, and Jarrod Musick, 10.20.15

We’ve got three great, driven business owners from our next Business Leaders Insight Lunch you won’t want to miss.

Join us as Chuck Blakeman interviews three local Business Owners who have recently reached their Business Maturity Dates (BMDs). They will help us to gain valuable insight on what it takes to realize a mature business. They will share their challenges and victories during their journey of creating a business that produces both TIME and MONEY for them.

Our Panel of Successful Business Owners include:

Shaleen Shah is Co-Founder and CEO of SimplePay – a revolutionary dental treatment finance company that approves everyone without credit checks and charges no interest. They serve over 700 dentists and their patients nation-wide. Recently following his passion to create a more compassionate world for farm animals, he has cofounded a 23-acre animal sanctuary in Lafayette, CO.

Molly Ebert is the Founder and CEO of Social Roadmap – socially conscious, social media for be good, do good, live good companies. Social Roadmap is committed to assisting companies live out their values and achieve their goals with greater effectiveness via social media.

As Vice President of Destiny Capital, Jarrod Musick is a personal finance expert who works with individuals and business owners to help them increase their level of financial and personal freedom. Over the past 5 years Jarrod has moved Destiny Capital and its now 12 staff members into a fantastic position where they can continue to expand their impact for both their clients as well as the financial advisory community in general through integrity, patience and collaboration.

Help us to celebrate their journeys towards their Business Maturity Dates and find out what’s next for them. What will you and your business gain from being a part of such a transformational discussion? Let’s find out!

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Building an Enduring Business

Chuck Blakeman, 10.06.15

A University of Tennessee research report says up to 58% of businesses fail in the first four years and up to 71% after ten years. What causes such high failure rates, and how can you avoid it? Stunningly, only 1% of businesses fail because of neglect or some disastrous outside force. The other 99% of failures are nearly all avoidable.

We’ll go over the UT study and look at the major causes and the leading mistakes and how easy it is to avoid them. We’ll also look at which kinds of businesses have the best and worst success rates. You’ll definitely be surprised at that one.

And last, we’ll show you the five simple, over-arching actions you can take to keep it from ever happening to you.

Are you just starting? Just about to quit? Having huge success and coasting? If so, you need to listen to this Business Leaders Insight Podcast – it could save your business and may be simpler than you think.

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Proven Ways to Acquire and Retain More Customers

Chuck Blakeman with Peter Brissette, Jessica Fialkovich, and Brooke Hengst, 09.15.15

Everybody needs sales. It’s the first domino that starts all the other dominos in our business. But most of us didn’t go into business to do sales. So how do we acquire and retain more customers when we would really rather just be making the chairs, not selling them? We’ve got three great people to the rescue. At our Business Leader’s Insight Lunch, Chuck Blakeman interviewed our experts on how to create a steady stream of potential clients.

Our Panel of Successful Business Owners includes:
1. Peter Brissette is the owner of DMD Consulting, the home of the Review Me Marketing System which is tools and training that help local businesses receive more authentic, positive online reviews. More reviews means more web traffic and more sales. DMD Consulting also provides online lead generation for senior care communities and manufacturing companies with a focus on developing strategic relationships that bring a steady flow of new customers.

2. Brooke Hengst is the owner of the Live Colorado Team at Madison & Company properties. Brooke and her team are a residential real estate team and she has been in business since 2009. Brooke has always been a natural fit in large part to her involvement and service to the community. Her business has doubled multiple times, largely thanks to a system within her business that generates 90-95% referral based business every year. From the first time home buyer experience to the seller wanting top dollar in the market place, Brooke and her team have your real estate needs covered with ease and grace.

3. Jessica Fialkovich is the co-founder and President of Transworld Business Advisors of Denver, a full service business brokerage firm assisting visionary entrepreneurs to buy, sell, and grow their businesses. Transworld Denver was founded in 2013 and has quickly become the largest business brokerage firm in the state of Colorado. Jessica oversees a staff of 5 and is looking to add two additional team members by the end of the year. She has been involved in the 3to5 IMPACT group since 2013 and is just about 4 months away from hitting her BMD.

What will you and your business gain from being a part of such a transformational discussion? Let’s find out together!

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What’s Next After Making More Money in Less Time?

Jon Hokama, 09.01.15

During our last BLI Lunch we heard from local business owners how to make MORE MONEY in less time.

What’s next? Jon Hokama, one of our amazing 3to5 Club Facilitators is leading this transformational BLI Lunch. Jon has been helping 3to5 business owners build mature businesses longer than anyone except Chuck! He will share lessons learned not only from Club members who’ve built mature businesses, but also lessons from them about the journey toward what’s next –your Ideal Lifestyle Date—and beyond.

Come learn lessons from the business owners’ journey as Jon shares interactive learning about lessons such as:

• Dodging the traps on the other side of business maturity
• Learning how to set new waypoints for your business AND your life beyond business maturity
• How to grow through the family dynamics of your journey
• Discovering “how much is enough”
PLUS, many more secrets invaluable to help you on YOUR journey.

Jon Hokama started his first 3to5 Club in January 2011 and currently facilitates the Advocates and Circles of Trust. He recently merged Jon Hokama and Associates, LLC with American Business Advisors. He and his partners are building a national company to serve middle market businesses up to $100m to empower the owners, the families and their teams to build lives of significance.

Jon achieved his BMD (in his words, “with duct tape and bailing wire!”) on Sept. 21, 2013 and is heading toward his second Ideal Lifestyle Date (ILD) on Sept. 26, 2016.

Jon’s ideal Lifestyle consists of serving business owners and their families, serving his own extended family and spending free time in the mountains hiking with his wife Susan, supporting the performing arts and spiritual formation, or playing with their youngest granddaughter Stella.

What will you and your business gain from being a part of such a transformational discussion? Let’s find out!

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Are You Making More Money in Less Time?

Chuck Blakeman with Phil Kubat, Brad Camp, and Joe Low, 08.18.15

If you’re not making MORE MONEY in less time, then you’re not playing the Business Owner’s game.

We’ve got three great, knowledgeable business owners from our Business Leader’s Insight Lunch you won’t want to miss. They have figured out the highest and best use of their time and will be sharing their tips with you.

Listen and learn:
•How to identify the highest and best use of YOUR time
•How to delegate appropriately
•How effective freedom mapping actually sets your business up for success
•How to USE the strategic plan to ensure you really do get to where you want to be, when you want to be there
•The rewards of taking those trapeze moments
•PLUS, many more secrets that the experts have found invaluable

Listen in on Chuck and our panel of experts during this very thought provoking discussion.

Our Panel of Successful Business Owners includes:

PHIL KUBAT is the Division Manager for Berkshire Hathaway’s Commercial Real Estate Department in Denver. He has been a 3to5 member for two and half years and attributes a great deal of his success to the best practices within the group, like performing into his Highest and Best use of time as a Systems guy on his APEX Profile. Phil manages four commercial agents and an office manager, while hedge hogging in Franchise Development. The one thing Phil appreciates most about being an entrepreneur is the ability to lead Stakeholders and make an impact on their lives. Phil finds Significance by living into his Big Why – “Inspiring Transformation by Always Choosing Happiness.” His ideal lifestyle consists of spending his free time biking, hiking, golfing, skiing and most importantly being a big kid with his 6 year old son.

BRAD CAMP has been a member of the Advocates 3to5 Club, since March of 2014. He owns Royal Signs, Inc. in Englewood, which is a commercial sign shop specializing in 3 dimensional signage. The company works closely with architects, property management companies, graphic designers, and national sign companies, providing custom signage. He is rapidly approaching his Business Maturity Date in September of this year.

JOE LOW is the founder of Landscape Connection. For over 30 years Joe and his team has been building beautiful outdoor living spaces for Denver area homeowners. By implementing strategies learned from Cranksest Group, business is flourishing and freedom has arrived.

Stop getting caught up in the Tyranny of the Urgent. Instead join us in learning the simple mechanics of how to do things TODAY, that will get you to where you want to be TOMORROW.

What will you and your business gain from being a part of such a transformational discussion? Let’s find out together!

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Scarcity Vs. Abundance: It’s Not Woo-Woo Crap

Chuck Blakeman, 08.04.15

If you want to make more money in less time, you need to listen in on this very practical lunch.

What is an “abundant-minded” company"? Isn’t that just squishy talk? Not at all. Living in a world of abundance isn’t a hippie concept. It’s for hard-core capitalists. Abundance isn’t “take whatever we have, it’s yours”, and scarcity isn’t necessarily “you can’t use that, it’s ours”.

There are three simple tests for business abundance vs. business scarcity. Chuck will share those three action principles, and give context and examples of both abundance-oriented and scarcity-oriented companies.

Abundant-minded companies make a lot more money than scarcity-minded companies. They also have a greater impact through their products and services, enjoy better relationships, higher Stakeholder retention, and Make Meaning, not just money. Scarcity -minded companies just make money, and most often they have no longevity because of it.

Want to make more money? Listen to this podcast and learn what it truly means to be abundant.

You either live in a world of abundance, or you live in a world of scarcity, and whichever one you choose, effects every decision you make. Come find out how to make more money by building an abundance-oriented business!

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Why Managing Your Business Costs You Time and Money

Chuck Blakeman with Alan Wyngarden and Lyric Turner, 07.21.15

Companies without managers are the present and future of work. In the emerging work world of the Participation Age, the most successful ones will do away with managers completely. That’s right – completely.

When you give people tasks, they feel used. But when you give them responsibility, they take ownership. Self-managed people take ownership.

When building self-managed teams in the emerging work world, there is no place for big egos. Leaders who want to make others successful and then get out of the way are building remarkable companies everywhere. Those who want to use people to make themselves look better will be left behind.

Join us for this insightful lunch and find out how some of our local business owners are embracing this type of organizational structure. They will share how they moved from management to the leadership mindset and why companies built around self-managed people grow faster, have higher profit, higher productivity, and exponentially higher staff retention.

Our Panel of Successful Business Owners includes:

Alan Wyngarden is a busy guy, but has the right people in place to help run his businesses. He has been in the mortgage business for the last 20+ years and continues to do mortgages everyday. Five years ago, Alan started Applewood Our House and now has three memory care group homes in the Denver area. Alan spends a large part of his time supporting his self-managed staff, actively engaged in contributing to the growth and well-being of their company.

Lyric Turner is the owner of Red House Staging & Interiors, a real estate staging and redesign company based in Washington, DC. Yes, Lyric successfully runs the company from here in Denver with a staff of 30 in DC and her Accounting Manager here in Colorado. She also owns a Retail Home Furnishings Store, Hudson & Crane and Suite Exclusive Inc. It is because of her leadership style and amazing self-managed teams that running all of these companies from afar is even possible.

Do you have self-managed staff actively engaged in contributing to the growth and well being of your company? What will you and your business gain from being a part of such a transformational discussion? Let’s find out together!

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What is Your Offer? Do You Really Know?

Chuck Blakeman, 07.07.15

Find out what how to make your offer unique from everyone else’s, no matter what industry you are in.

In virtually ANY sales transaction the customer is listening for the answer to four questions:

1. What are you trying to sell me?
2. How much is it going to cost?
3. Why should I believe you?
4. Ultimate question: What is in it for me?

All four of these can be answered by two simple pieces of information. If you have a narrow and well identified target market (what we call a hedgehog), that’s not enough. You may have their attention by being narrow and specific, but you won’t hold it if they don’t understand your offer quickly.

What will you and your business gain from being a part of such a transformational discussion? Let’s find out!

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How to Have an Effective Buying Conversation

Chuck Blakeman with Tom Fanning, Kelley Beaudoin, and Stephanie Brook Mercer, 06.16.15

We had three great, knowledgeable business owners at our Business Leader’s Insight lunch you won’t want to miss. They have all mastered the art of the buying conversation and shared their tips with our local audience – and now you, too!

None of us want to be SOLD, but we all want to buy things…

Listen and learn:
· How to get people to trust us enough to want to buy from us
· Best language to use when setting up the appointment
· Why serve, don’t sell is your best solution to making more money
· The only Four Buying Questions you’ll ever have to ask to be more successful
· When/How to Make Your Offer
· How to easily ask for a referral

Our Panel of Successful Business Owners includes:

Tom Fanning, Founder and Visionary behind Boomzaa. With a strong background in values-based, high performing leadership…much of it across 30 years in the real estate, resort, and hospitality industries, Tom is pioneering a new type of socially vibrant, smaller-scale residence “community” concept…communities of people, not houses. From Vail to Breckenridge and Dallas to Denver, his experience includes on-site general management and corporate culture development, national multi-site hotel portfolio responsibility, and optimizing executive level team performance.

Kelley Beaudoin started her ConferenceDirect business in 2007 and has 25+ years experience in Hotel/Hospitality and Convention Planning. Her event/planning experience spans both corporate and association clients with on-site conference management of meetings ranging from 10-16,000 attendees. Kelley builds amazing relationships with her clients, serving them beyond their expectations. She is a huge fan of Crankset Group and is eager to share with you why having the right buying conversation is invaluable.

Stephanie Brook Mercer used the Crankset principles to build a boutique real estate firm that takes a holistic and wholehearted approach to serving first-time homebuyers. In Light Properties seeks to build life-long relationships and are as invested in their client’s life goals as they are; finding space to live that gives them room to dream.
Having reached her BMD, Stephanie has begun work on her Big Why, The Goddess Garden. This organization seeks to bring girls into their own power through the knowing and actualization of their authentic self.

Stop wasting unnecessary time and effort trying to get new clients. Instead join us in learning the simple mechanics of an effective buying conversation and see what a difference it can make to your bottom line.

What will you and your business gain from to such a transformational discussion? Let’s find out!

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Skinny Line

Your Profit Wheel: The Key to Success

Chuck Blakeman, 06.02.15

Whether you are starting a new technology company, selling mortgages, financial planning, insurance or houses, providing a great service as a consultant, or selling the best widget, you probably believe that what you’re selling is the best thing since sliced bread. The problem is that most of the time, what you are selling is not what will actually be your key to success, or maybe even something you should be selling.

Too often, the thing that will be our core product or service is right under our nose and we’re ignoring it to “sell mortgages”, or “provide a great service”, or “design a great website”. During this Business Leaders Insight Lunch, Chuck shared a revolutionary new marketing concept called “The Profit Wheel”, a tool you can use to guide yourself to that specific way you will make money that others in your industry will never be able to find. If you think you “just sell insurance/mortgages”, etc., or believe you have the next best Facebook, The Profit Wheel might help you find out that what you’re selling is not the thing that actually moves your business forward. Don’t sell mortgages, internet apps, or shoes. Find out what is REALLY making you money.

This podcast takes a look at a couple case studies of local businesses in Denver and a couple others nationally that found that their Profit Wheel was very different from the product or service that was supposedly their core offering. Listen on to find your Profit Wheel! It’s almost certainly not what you think.

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