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How to Build a Business - Lyric Turner

Chuck Blakeman 3-25-14

Proof that an Ordinary Person Can Build an Amazing Business

March 25, 2014

This will be a VERY special BLI lunch that you won’t want to miss. Join us as Chuck Blakeman, Chief Transformation Officer with Crankset Group interviews Lyric Turner, one of his very favorite business advisory clients that he first met only four years ago. Lyric will share her amazing business journey with us.

As a mother with young children, she left her business in Washington D.C. and moved to Denver four years ago when her husband accepted a great job here. Even though she is hardly ever there, today, that D.C. business has grown from a tiny enterprise to a multi-million dollar company. Lyric now works three days a week from her home in Denver and gets all the time she wants with her kids.

Lyric learned the simple truths of building a business that makes money when you are not around, is committed to playing the Business Owner’s Game, and now has a business that makes both TIME and MONEY, all from 2,000 miles away! She’s now starting two other businesses, both also in D.C.

What was Chuck’s advice to her along the way? What beaver dams did Lyric encounter? How did she go from wanting to give up on her company to now owning three great businesses?

Come learn:
• How to experience true FREEDOM in life and business
• The simple things Lyric did to build her successful businesses
• Ways for you to get off the treadmill like Lyric did
• How to get back to the passion that brought you into business in the first place
• How to resurrect a business you thought was dead
• That anyone can build a successful business

Lyric Turner is the owner of Red House Staging & Interiors, a real estate staging and redesign company based in Washington, DC. Lyric successfully runs the company from here in Denver with a staff of 24 in DC and her Accounting Manager here in Denver. Started 8 years ago, Lyric has grown Red House steadily every year with this current year bringing in a new wave of explosive growth. Red House Staging is the largest and most successful staging company in the DC metro area for the past 3 years running and is most likely the largest staging company in the mid-Atlantic region. Lyric has been a One2One client of Chuck’s for over 4 years.

Lyric’s story promises to be both inspirational and enlightening, because you’re going to see that Lyric is normal, and got where she is by following some simple rules of business. You will no doubt leave with suggestions for your own business that will get you that much closer to living YOUR Ideal Lifestyle.

The formula to building a successful business isn’t that hard, but we just have to apply it…Know where you’re going, when you want to be there, how you’ll get there, and what you need to do today to get the end result.

What will you and your business gain from being a part of such a transformational discussion? Let’s find out together!

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Law of Intentionality

Chuck Blakeman 3-11-13

The Law of Intentionality
There’s been a lot of Laws, Secrets, and Three Easy Steps running around the business world for years. Unfortunately most of them find their allure in telling you how much easier it will be to get what you want by just following their Three Easy Steps. It doesn’t work that way.
The keys to success ARE actually quite simple, but they are not easy.
If you want to run a successful business, you’ll do these five things associated with the Law of Intentionality, and we’ll see why “struggle” is so fundamental to building a successful business, and why we should see it much differently than we do.

Find out:

1) Why there are more quotes throughout history on “persistence” than any other subject.
2) Why the traditional business success advice you’ve gotten is likely so wrong.
3) How an old Indian proverb can be so right about business.
4) The five simple (but not easy) things you can do that will make you successful.

Be intentional and get “utter clarity” on a few simple things.

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How to Structure Your Business Entity and Why It’s so Important

Chuck Blakeman 2-25-14

Are you an S-Corporation? An LLC? Reporting on a Schedule C? Why? Do you have any idea how the way you’re structured is affecting your profitability, your taxes, or your Stakeholders.

Even if you already set up your business structure years ago, you NEED to be at this lunch. You could be making things a lot more difficult for you right now, and much more difficult later.

Selecting a business structure is one of the most important decisions that will impact your business today and for years to come.

Come learn:
• How taxes and profitability work (or don’t work) for all the possible structures
• Why being a sole proprietor is not necessarily a good structure for a business
• The difference between a Schedule C, LLC, Partnership, C-Corp and S-Corp and which one is right for you (& why C-Corp is RARELY good)
• A new way to incorporate: B-Corp (Benefits Corp)
Chuck Blakeman, Chief Transformation Officer of Crankset Group will be leading a panel of successful, expert business owners including:
Michael Sandstrum is the founder of Sandstrum Law, which handles approximately 90% of a business owner’s legal needs. Sandstrum Law is dedicated to protecting the legal, financial and business interests of its clients on both the business transaction and litigation fronts.

Steve Bush is an experienced attorney whose practice emphasizes business startups, commercial transactions, franchises, mergers and acquisitions, and real estate. Steve also helps his clients with their other commercial law needs. He is the author of Introduction to the Exit Transaction, a book to assist both buyers and sellers navigate the complex
process of selling a business.

David Cline is a corporate attorney focusing on formation, governance, and finance for businesses in various industries. He has previously co-founded a few ventures and sits on the Board of Spark Boulder, a nonprofit that runs a co-working space in Boulder and seeks to better integrate the entrepreneurial community with student entrepreneurs.

Come interact with Chuck and our panel of experts to find out the best structure for YOUR business.

What will you and your business gain from being a part of such a transformational discussion?

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So What if You’re Talented? Build Your Business Around Tools

Chuck Blakeman 2-11-14

Your talent will only get you so far…

Many business owners get their first taste of success simply by being talented; they’ve got the goods. But the ones that go on to build highly successful companies will not do it on their talent, or even the talent of others. Talent, whether your own or somebody else’s is not the way to build a business.

Is your business a talent show? Does someone in your business have to be “center stage” and show your customers how good they are? It’s tempting to build on “look how good I/we are”. It’s those unique abilities that first allowed you to get ahead. But talent is not a good thing to build a business around.
Come to the Business Leader’s Insight lunch and find out:

- How you can be your creative self while others make the cookies (the story of Ms. Fields)
- How others can paint your Mona Lisa for every new customer, while you focus on the next great product
- The difference between talent and tools, and why tools rule and talent drools
- Three reasons why we rely on talent, when we should rely on tools

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How to Become a Participation Age Company

Chuck Blakeman 1-28-14

Tuesday, November 26, 2013
The Industrial Age is over, but its culture and business practices are still dominating the front office. These outdated management methods are being rejected by the most successful companies.

The Industrial Age gave us a lot of great toys but some very bad business culture. Concepts like manager, employee, retirement, trading time for money, separating work and play, vacation time, office hours, an addiction to benefits, and other Industrial Age diseases still plague the business world.

There is no turning back. The Industrial Age is behind us and the Participation Age is fully upon us. People today want to Make Meaning, not just money.

Don’t be left behind. Come hear how IBM, Best Buy, Zappos and thousands of smaller, even local companies are radically changing the way they approach building their business culture to increase revenue with fewer employees, yet with higher staff retention.

This isn’t your father’s world. Stop leading your company like it is. Come learn:

• Why the traditional business culture won’t do going forward
• How and why to replace the concept of “employee” with “stakeholder”
• How to hire people you’ll never have to manage
• How and why you need to switch from a time-based culture to a results-based culture

Our Panel of Successful Business Owners includes:

Jeff Krommendyk is the Founder of Security First Insurance Agency, offering a complete insurance solution for both your personal and commercial insurance needs. Jeff, along with his partner Tim are managing Security First based on Crankset principles, which has changed the entire landscape of their company, not to mention their lives.

Come interact with Chuck and our panel of experts to find out how they have left behind Industrial Age culture and business practices to emerge as high-growth, vibrant companies in the New Economy.

What will you and your business gain from being a part of such a transformational discussion? Come join us in the Participation Age!

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Four Success Myths

Chuck Blakeman 1-14-14

The Four Success Myths

At our Business Leader’s Insight lunch, we will expose the four success myths that get thrown around a lot at the beginning of each new year:
1) New Year’s Resolutions Are A Good Idea – (they are a terrible idea – no exceptions; we’ll prove it)
2) Being Organized Should Be The Goal of Any Successful Person (Never! – We have the stats from studying 2,000 sales people to prove you shouldn’t focus on getting organized – there is some much more important to focus on, including why you need to know the 80/20-20/80 Rule)
3) Being Experienced In Your Industry Is the Road to Revenue (This one might surprise you, but being experience in your industry could be the one thing that keeps you from being successful – we’ll give a dozen famous and local examples to prove it)
4) Be Prepared – The Boy Scout Always Wins (Be Prepared makes a great motto, but we have the research to show it’s not. Being experienced isn’t the key, nor is being well prepared (they’re two different things)
If being New Year’s resolutions are a bad idea, and being organized, experienced and prepared are the key, what is?
We’ll show you research that proves – Success doesn’t come from
1) Making New Goals,
2) Being Organized,
3) Being Experienced, or
4) Being Prepared
It’s one simple thing – ______________ – here’s a hint, it starts with a P.

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Why We Shouldn’t Do New Years Resolutions

Chuck Blakeman 1-8-13

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Scarcity Is Abundance: It’s not Woo-Woo Crap

Chuck Blakeman 12-10-2013


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

If you want to make more money in less time, you need to be at this very practical lunch.

What is an “abundant-minded” company"? Isn’t that just squishy talk? Not at all. Living in a world of abundance isn’t a hippie concept. It’s for hard core capitalists. Abundance isn’t “take whatever we have, it’s yours”, and scarcity isn’t necessarily “you can’t use that, it’s ours”.

There are three simple tests for business abundance vs. business scarcity. Chuck will share those three action principles, and give context and examples of both abundance oriented and scarcity oriented companies.

Abundant-minded companies make a lot more money than scarcity-minded companies. They also have a greater impact through their products and services, enjoy better relationships, higher Stakeholder retention, and Make Meaning, not just money. Scarcity -minded companies just make money, and most often they have no longevity because of it.

Want to make more money? Come to the BLI Lunch and learn what it truly means to be abundant.

You either live in a world of abundance, or you live in a world of scarcity, and whichever one you choose, effects every decision you make. Come find out how to make more money by building an abundance oriented business!

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Why Employees are ALWAYS a Bad Idea

Chuck Blakeman 11-13-13

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Join us to Celebrate the Launch of our New Book: WEAAABI!

In June of 2012, Chuck wrote a blog post titled, “Why Employees Are Always a Bad Idea” (WEAAABI). It went viral around the world a number of times over many months. When over 2,000 people hit it in Finland alone over seven months later in January 2013, it was time to write the book. Now it’s time to celebrate the launch of it.

At the BLI lunch, Chuck isn’t just going to talk about the book. He will give a quick overview, tell a little about the process of writing the book, give a few anecdotes/experiences he has had with companies already using WEAAABI’s principles, and then open it up to questions about the content, the process of writing, what you can expect from the book, or anything else you’ll want to ask. We’ll offer the book at a great discount at the lunch that you won’t get online or in bookstores.

Why Employees Are Always a Bad Idea will hit book stores just a few days before the lunch. If you’ll already have a copy or if you want to get one at the lunch, Chuck will be glad to sign it for you. Please help us celebrate with Chuck a book that we feel will have a huge impact in the business world in the coming years. He’s already written one best-seller that was named “Business Book of the Year” – this is the launch of another one!

WEAABI tells the story of many companies who have left behind the archaic Industrial Age business practices most businesses are still using, and have moved into the Participation Age where everyone is a Stakeholder, everyone is an “owner”, there are no managers or employees; where Stakeholders are self-motivated, self-organized, and self-managed.

Please help us celebrate WEAAABI! Come to the BLI Lunch!

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The Seven Best Marketing Tactics To Grow Your Business

Chuck Blakeman 10-8-13

The Seven Best Marketing Tactics To Grow Your Business
Tuesday, October 8th
What are the seven most successful marketing tactics you can use to grow your business? The good news is that great small biz marketing using these seven tactics costs a LOT less money than bad small biz marketing. The bad news is that almost all seven are counter-intuitive; the opposite of what we’re doing. But that’s easily fixed.
Come to the Business Leader’s Insight lunch to discover:

1) Why the marketing tactics that work for big businesses, like brand recognition, SWOT analysis and competitive comparisons, won’t work for you.
2) Why your marketing isn’t working.
3) That you already have the best marketing information you’ll ever need, and it’s free.
4) The seven best, very simple marketing tactics that are nearly free and that every small or local business should employ.

We look forward to seeing you at the next Business Leader’s Insight lunch!

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Chuck Blakeman 9-24-13

Tuesday, September 24th
We have three great, knowledgeable business owners at our next Business Leader’s Insight lunch you won’t want to miss. They have all mastered the art of the buying conversation and will be sharing their tips with you.
None of us want to be SOLD, but we all want to buy things…

Come learn:
• How to get people to trust us enough to want to buy from us
• Best language to use when setting up the appointment
• Why serve, don’t sell is your best solution to making more money
• The only Four Buying Questions you’ll ever have to ask to be more successful
• When/How to Make Your Offer
• How to easily ask for a referral

Our Panel of Successful Business Owners includes:

John Geringer is the Executive VP – Client Advocacy with Cedrus Financial. He has been a member of the Crankset community since December 2011 and absolutely loves to push people forward to where they want to go. He specializes in helping sales professionals in the top 1% make smart choices about their money and intentionally have impact in the areas of their life that are more important than money.

Rhiannon Hendrickson is the founder of Orapin Marketing + Public Relations which works with family and founder-owned small business owners who are in business to do what they love. Her firm gets business owners to stop wasting money on marketing efforts that don’t yield results and instead helps them launch a long-term strategy where they can connect the dots directly between the dollars they spend and the customers they get.

Marcus Rice is an Independent Associate with Go Small Biz, a division of LegalShield that focuses specifically on providing affordable legal, growth and development resources for the business owner. Marcus has been a client of LegalShield since 1998 and has been an Independent Associate since 2011.

Stop wasting unnecessary time and effort trying to get new clients. Instead join us in learning the simple mechanics of an effective buying conversation and see what a difference it can make to your bottom line.

What will you and your business gain from being a part of such a transformational discussion? Let’s find out together!

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Pricing for Profit

Chuck Blakeman 9-10-13

Tuesday, September 10, 2013
Join us and find out why your price is probably wrong right now and how to fix it, even if you’re not in charge of the price itself.
• How did Fog Creek Software go from charging $39.95 a month to $99 to $129, to $199 in just two years, for the same product?
• Why do you need a different pricing strategy for consumers than you do for businesses?
• How do you separate consumers and business buyers if you sell to both?
• Do you know the 10 most common pricing mistakes reported by Vistage International?
• Why do we find price so mystical and difficult to set? Is some bureaucracy in charge of your price? You’re more in charge of it than you think.
• Why you should never respond to the market in setting your price.

Come to the Business Leader’s Insight Lunch and learn why your price isn’t just about revenue. It effects everything from your brand to who you attract as customers. Let’s get it right!

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How Will the New Affordable Healthcare Plan Affect Your Business?

Chuck Blakeman 8-27-13

We’ve got four great, knowledgeable business owners at our next Business Leader’s Insight lunch you won’t want to miss.
Even if you have no employees (and maybe more so), you MUST understand the new health care system. Join us as Chuck Blakeman interviews these four who have answers to your questions regarding the new Affordable Healthcare Plan that takes effect next January. These experts will help us gain valuable insight on how this new Plan will impact our businesses and stakeholders.

Are you familiar with the basic policies of the Affordable Healthcare Act that small businesses should know?: Things like, “Affordable Insurance Exchange”, “Essential Health Benefits”, Individual Share Responsibility, and others?

Our Panel of Successful Business Owners includes:

Shane Conant is the Founder of the FocusXp Healthcare Group. Shane has 20+ years of experience in the world of health insurance and benefits for small to medium size companies. He has been able to approach health insurance and the funding of health insurance in creative ways that has saved thousands of dollars for his clients through the years.

Traci Salazar, owner of Sensible Solutions Insurance, has a unique philosophy of customer service for her clients. Because of the numerous challenges small business owner’s face today, her main goal is to ease up on their many tasks by operating as an extension of their human resource staff. Her services include normal plan renewals, eligibility, claims resolution, COBRA guidance and education on current health care reform laws.

Laura Leier is a State Farm Insurance Agent specializing in business owners’ needs by creating voluntary benefit programs for small business employees including health insurance, group and individual life insurance and retirement planning. Laura helps employers and their teams create plans that they can grow into and take with them as the business environment evolves.

Chris Crigler is owner of CAP Management, an HOA Management Company with 12 employees. If you need HOA help, that is what he does. Chris is on the Small Business Advisory Group to the Healthcare Exchange Implementation Board and is also the Treasurer of the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative.

Don’t be left behind. These fellow business owners/insurance experts will help you sort through all of the confusion to help you better navigate the laws and also make you aware of alternative options as well.

What will you and your business gain from being a part of such a transformational discussion? Let’s find out together!

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The Joy of Business

Chuck Blakeman 8-13-13

The Joy of Business
Tuesday, August 13th

What would make your business work so well that the money flows and it’s just plain fun? What if you were given the choice between thirty years of slugging it out, or changing one thing that would make every Monday better than the weekends? Given the choice, would you change that one thing? Could you change when change really mattered most?

Some new research will give you actual scientific odds on whether you would change that one thing, and why you would or would not. We’ll put that research in the context of your business and find out how to create real joy in business. You may have forgotten it used to be fun. Let’s get back to the passion that brought us into business in the first place. Come to the Business Leader’s Insight lunch and let’s learn the Joy of Business!

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Why Employees are Always a Bad Idea

Chuck Blakeman 7-23-2013

This lunch has the same title as Chuck Blakeman’s highly anticipated next book, due out in the next couple of months. More info here:
We’ve got two great, driven business owners at our next Business Leader’s Insight lunch you won’t want to miss.
Join us as Chuck Blakeman interviews two local Business Owners who have embraced the concept that the term “employee” needs to be replaced with “stakeholder”. Wouldn’t your business thrive if you knew the secret to hiring people you’ll never have to manage? These experts will help us gain valuable insight on why the traditional business culture won’t do going forward and in order for us to have a successful business, we need to switch from a time-based culture to a results-based culture.

Our Panel of Successful Business Owners includes:

Alan Wyngarden Senior Loan Officer of NOVA Home Loans and owner of a couple other businesses, will tell his own stories of how having just a couple employees in each of his businesses has changed both his businesses and his own lifestyle, and how learning to motivate and manage them has made having them around a lot of fun, not a pain.

Grant Barnhill is the Founder and CEO of Boutique Holdings, which owns Boutique Apartments, Wheelhouse
Apartments, Wheelhouse Construction and Shift Workspaces. Boutique Holdings employs 55 people and manages 45 apartment communities totaling 1,250 units in the Denver area. Learn how they actively cultivate a results-based culture of personal responsibility and respect and how that has made their businesses more successful.

Don’t be left behind. Come hear how these savvy business owners as well as other well-known successful companies are radically changing the way they approach building their business culture to increase revenue with fewer employees, yet with higher staff retention.

What will you and your business gain from being a part of such a transformational discussion? Let’s find out together!

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Finding Success with a Business Maturity Date

Chuck Blakeman 6-25-13

We’ve got three great, driven business owners at our next Business Leader’s Insight lunch you won’t want to miss.
Join us as Chuck Blakeman interviews three local Business Owners who have either recently reached their Business Maturity Dates (BMDs) or are working towards their BMD and have a very clear plan for getting there. They will help us to gain valuable insight on what it takes to realize a mature business. They will share their challenges and victories during their journey of creating a business that produces both TIME and MONEY for them.

Our Panel of Successful Business Owners includes:

Brenda Abdilla is a certified, professional coach and the founder of Management Momentum LLC. Momentum’s mission is to help clients gain career confidence and clarity in a way that empowers every aspect of their lives. Brenda likes results-oriented action so much she founded her company on the principle of moving people and organizations forward. She recently changed her business and is now pursuing a revised BMD (now Jan 1, 2104) and is really excited about the new direction her business is going in.

Victor Amaya is a partner in ClearPath Accountants. Victor and 2 others started ClearPath Accountants in the middle of the recession. Now the company has grown organically and through mergers to employ 8 people total (4 partners, 4 staff). Victor has been involved with Crankset since the on-set of his business and has found it to be instrumental in keeping him focused on his goals. He will be celebrating his BMD this month on June 30th.

Garry Seaber is CEO and Founder of , an IT asset recovery company helping companies obtain money for their old technology. They’ve been in business since 2004 and Garry has been in the computer remarketing industry for 32 years. He has his BMD in his sites and looks forward to celebrating on February 14, 2014 at 4:00 pm.

Help us to celebrate their journeys towards their Business Maturity Dates and find out what’s next for them. What will you and your business gain from being a part of such a transformational discussion? Let’s find out together!

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Building an Enduring Business

Chuck Blakeman 6-11-13

A recent University of Tennessee research report says up to 58% of businesses fail in the first four years and up to 71% after ten years. What causes such high failure rates, and how can you avoid it? Stunningly, only 1% of businesses fail because of neglect or some disastrous outside force. The other 99% of failures are nearly all avoidable.

We’ll go over the UT study and look at the major causes and the leading mistakes and how easy it is to avoid them. We’ll also look at which kinds of businesses have the best and worst success rates. You’ll definitely be surprised at that one.

And last, we’ll show you the five simple, over-arching actions you can take to keep it from ever happening to you.

Are you just starting? Just about to quit? Having huge success and coasting? If so, you need this lunch – it could save your business. Come to the Business Leader’s Insight lunch and find out how to build an enduring business. It may be simpler than you think.

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A New Generation of Entrepreneurs

Julia Gentry 5-28-13

A New Generation of Entrepreneurs

Tuesday, May 28th

We’ve got three great, young entrepreneurs at our next Business Leader’s Insight lunch you won’t want to miss. Come and get a shot in the arm and some great practical advice on how to push your own business forward!

Shaleen Shah is the founder of Seventhman, a Software Development company that LOVES to work with the non-technical business leaders looking to grow and scale their business by building innovative software. They are your technical partner so you can focus on your passions and leave the technical details to them. Shaleen created Seventhman while he was still in High School, and in the past 13 years has operated his software firm across 4 countries with over 150 projects delivered using resources in 21 countries.

Currently, Seventhman is working on an ambitious software to build a digital memory for organizations, where every event, email, phone call, and meeting is recorded, categorized, smart-tagged and archived automatically and available anytime and anywhere via an easy search.

Vanessa Callahan is the Owner of Budget Blinds of Denver. Budget Blinds is a window covering franchise that changes purchasing custom window coverings from a dizzying, overwhelming experience, to one that’s fun and easy!! Vanessa is the youngest owner in franchise history, purchasing her business 5 years ago at the age of 20. Her relentless enthusiasm, passion for people, and great capacity for belief define her. Her ability to bring people together to march towards one clear and distinct vision sets her apart. Current favorite quote: Never again will I settle for less than I can be – Tony Robbins.

Matt Nockels is the owner of Denver Lending. Matt has been doing business coaching with the Crankset group since 2010 and has been through all three of Crankset’s programs; OnTrak, FasTrak and 3 to 5 Club. Utilizing Crankset’s tools, Matt has been able to see his income increase by 350% since 2010. Denver Lending has been recognized by 5280 Magazine for three years in a row as a 5 Star Mortgage Professional and is one of the highest producing mortgage branches in the Denver metro area.

This isn’t your father’s business climate. It’s a great time to be starting and building a business, and being young doesn’t have to be a liability. It can be a great asset. Many young people share the belief that becoming an entrepreneur gives them the freedom to transform their lives, communities and the world around them, and to make their dreams a reality. The best of them are doing it without some of the advantages that age or big money would give them. Instead they rely on passion and determination to get it done.

What’s their secret sauce? Are these people special, or are just thinking differently? What can you learn that will help push you forward in building your own business? Vanessa, Shaleen and Matt, are going to share their stories – how they’ve ignored being young or used it to their advantage to start and build businesses in their youth. See you there!

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Crucial Business Lessons Learned with Lee Thomas

3-26-13 with Chuck Blakeman and Guest Lee Thomas

Sometimes a business owner just needs some fresh ideas to move forward. Lee can help.

This Business Leader’s Insight Lunch will be VERY special. If you make one lunch this quarter, make it this one. Chuck Blakeman will interview Lee Thomas and the two will swap stories of starting, growing and running businesses. Lee has built 15 companies in his 38 years in business, including a dental practice with 16 offices and many other very successful businesses. Lee is the author of “Magical Business Solutions: Adventures of a Serial Entrepreneur and Lessons Learned” and is currently a Business Coach and Consultant with Integrity Business Ventures.

Lee is a humble giant in the world of startups and local business. What you will find most striking and most encouraging is that Lee is plain people – no airs and no slick, high energy snazzy approach. Lee will make you feel like you can do it, too. His desire is to share his experience and knowledge with other “entrepreneurial oriented” people to help them avoid costly mistakes/misteps and continue on the path to business success. We can’t encourage you strongly enough to be there. Bring a pen and paper – throughout the lunch you’ll be writing tips on what to do and what not to do as you build your business.

We normally have a panel of three people for these lunches. Lee Thomas’ years of experience is like having a panel of three. Come to the Business Leader’s Insight lunch and find the next step in building your business from Lee!

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What’s Your Offer?

Chuck Blakeman 3-12-13

What is Your Offer? Do You Really Know?

Tuesday, March 12th

Find out what how to make your offer unique from everyone else’s, no matter what industry you are in.

In virtually ANY sales transaction the customer is listening for the answer to four questions:
1. What are you trying to sell me?
2. How much is it going to cost?
3. Why should I believe you?
4. Ultimate question: What is in it for me?

All four of these can be answered by two simple pieces of information. If you have a narrow and well identified target market (what we call a hedgehog), that’s not enough. You may have their attention by being narrow and specific, but you won’t hold it if they don’t understand your offer quickly.

Download Audio (131.6 MB)